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Peter Maunder Garden Competition 2018

Is now open for entries …

The Peter Maunder Garden Competition is held annually in July.  Anyone who is a member of an affiliated society is eligible to enter the competition.  You do not need acres of rolling park land; there is one class in the competition for all garden sizes.  The judging is based upon the suitability of the design to the site, the level of maintenance, the suitability and cultivation of the plants and the practicality of planting.  It is accepted that many gardens have more than one purpose.  Vegetable gardens are often incorporated into decorative gardens and there is the need for seating areas and play space for children.

The competition is judged by Federation approved judges and there are prizes and certificates for First, Second and Third.  The First prize winner also gets custody of the Peter Maunder Trophy for one year.  This is a memorial to one of the founding members of the Federation and it is a delightful miniature pewter wheelbarrow on a wooden stand, therefore no polishing required.

Do consider entering your garden.  Entry forms and the judging criteria are here.

Deadline = 31st May

Suzanne Holroyd
Garden Competition Organiser

Allotment Competition 2018

The Allotment Competition is now open for entries!

It is open to all members of affiliated Societies for:

  1. Plots of less than 10 rods
  2. Plots of 10 rods and over

Allotments are assessed by official Judges of the Federation on a mutually agreed date during late June/early July.

There are cash prizes for the top 3 plots in each section, and Challenge Cups are awarded annually to the winners of each section and presented at the Federation AGM in February.

Entry Deadline 21st May

Do consider entering your allotment plot. The competition entry form with full details is available here.

Iain Crawford
Allotment Competition Organiser